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When I was 11 years old, my parents bought their first house. I’d lived in Hamilton’s east end on Eaton Place (read more here) my entire life. My whole world was there in that quiet idyllic neighbourhood on the edge of the city. Then we moved up on the mountain to 425 Upper Wellington Street to a small 800 sq. ft., two bedroom pink (with black trim) bungalow on a busy 4 lane street at the top of the Jolly Cut mountain access road. Our Upper Wellington Street home had a very small kitchen, a livingroom, one bathroom (much to my Dad’s pain, with three daughters), 2 bedrooms, and an unfinished basement.  My Dad got busy right away finishing a bedroom for my oldest sister Faye and a ‘rec room’ for us to hang out in.  I REALLY  More


Enough Rain!


It’s been raining here for several days now – torrential downpours, thunder and lightening, light rain………. the whole gamut.  This morning when I woke up it was 0 degrees celsius (32F) outside.  If fact, not too far away, it snowed!!  So I’m feeling pretty lucky that I was too busy last weekend to get my tender vegetable seedlings planted in the garden or move my few dozen inside plants to their summer home on the back deck.

Squash seedlings

Squash seedlings


Fragrant Basil waiting to be planted outside with the Tomatoes

Fragrant Basil waiting to be planted outside with the Tomatoes

I just hope that some of my parsnip seeds don’t wash away in the rain or the Purple Bean seeds don’t rot.  Some weather reports had predicted that it was going to be ‘sunny with cloudy periods’ on several days this week but that never materialized.

Leaf Lettuce in the Kitchen Garden raised bed

Leaf Lettuce in the Kitchen Garden raised bed

A week ago we had a 5.2 earthquake (which surprisingly, I barely felt) but the thunder the other night rocked our house inside and out scaring the dog and the cat.   Right now, my pond is overflowing – and considering the water level was down about 25 cms (10 inches) because we hadn’t had ANY rain up till now, I’m very happy.  My rain barrels were overflowing days ago……..   Those previous record low river levels are a thing of the past – last week I could barely see the dock past the bull rushes and now it’s bobbing nice and high clearly visible from sitting here in my chair in the living room.  On the other hand, the front ditch is full of water and seems to be draining very slow or not at all……   The ostrich ferns are loving this wet weather and they’ve grown several feet tall.   Hostas as well are thriving in the rain.  Luckily, the apple blossoms had a normal spring in full bloom with bees busily going from blossom to blossom.

I’m ready for the rain to stop now.   Just a break.   It can rain again next week, overnight, to water the plants.    Last year we had a drought during the summer so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  And this rain is the tail end of that Oklahoma tornado weather so I really have to be grateful.  I could visualize that I live on the west coast during rainy season like 3 of my sons or my sister Betty…..  But I’ll just continue to get some ‘inside’ work done even although I’d rather be outside.

Here are a few pictures I took in the rain this morning:

I love Bleeding Hearts.   This little bush is a faithful specimen in the traditional ‘cottage garden’ which boast these lovely heart shaped flowers.  Unfortunately, the flowers don’t last long but the leaves are nice.

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Japanese Maple trees are one of my favourites!  They are supposed to be ‘sensitive’ to harsh winter conditions but all of my 7 different ones do just fine without a lot of fuss.

Japanese Maple tree raindrops

Japanese Maple tree raindrops

Common orange day lillies love any kind of conditions but especially lots of rain at this time in their growth.  I have an large circle around my chimnea wood fireplace (where we used to have our 18 foot pool).

Raindrops on Daylilly

Raindrops on Daylilly

These outside planter impatiens are tucked under the eves next to the window and are spared the worst of the cold rain.  I like the reflection off the window of my back porch and back yard.

Impatiens in outside planter

Impatiens in outside planter


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