I Love Photos


I love taking pictures. I always have – I’ve been taking pictures for over 50 years. You’ve probably already noticed that I love to include lots of pictures in my blog.

The very first photo I ever recall was a picture taken of me when I was 2 years old. I still have that picture. Back in the ’50s, photos were reserved for special occassions like weddings or vacations. Luckily my parents took photos of our every day lives as well so now I have cherished visual memories of those times. I can jog my memory by looking at pictures of skating and tobogganing in our backyard, Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Hamilton, down home, camping, etc.




One of the first photos I took was of my pet turtles, Sam and Touché. I felt lucky that my Mom let me use the camera to capture those little reptiles that I loved. It didn’t stop there. I began to put those photos in my first photo album entitled “My Pets” which included pictures of our fish, turtles, dog, cats, cows, pigs, and horses (from down home). All photo albums back in the day were black “almost-legal-sized” pages of heavy construction-like paper. The photo collector would then place their photos on these pages with these little corners or tape or glue. I often wrote what the photo was about with a white crayon or coloured pencil – thank goodness because I would never have remembered all those pictures! I glued those pictures in my first album and they are still intact today. My second album was a compilation of my parents photos from my childhood and my own photos up until I got married. I used scotch tape to ‘secure’ these pictures in place but most of them have now fallen out. It will be another ‘retirement project’ for me to re-install all those pictures on their spots. Many of them I’ll remember where they go based on the white caption under the blank spot but others I’ll just have to guess at. Sadly, some of my pictures were damaged during a flood we had in the basement in the early 1980s.

Many albums have followed. I think I was inspired by my dear mother-in-law Florence who was an avid photographer and had dozens of photo albums, one for each year. Every time we would go to her house, I would get out the latest album and look at the pictures she took. I derived great pleasure from looking at all those photos and it’s one of my most cherished memories. Now I have dozens of photo albums for my children and grandchildren to look at. I have to admit that I have some work ahead of me in organizing the last few years of pictures – thousands of pictures. They are all stored on my computer and backed up on my external hard drive. I have to look through them and choose 200 for each of the last 3 years to be emailed to the photo lab to be printed off, then placed in each album. I prefer to look at an actual picture in a photo album than one on the computer. In addition, I want to reorganize my 1970s and 1980s albums which were haphazardly placed in recycled 3 ring binders. And of course, reinserting all those pictures that have fallen out of my original albums……

I love taking photos too. Who can resist capturing a lifetime in photographs.  Before I snap the picture, I look through my lens at the background as well as the image I want to capture. I really love to take scenery pictures with my family in them. I don’t own a big fancy camera, just an inexpensive 14 megapixel Kodak. It suits me for now because it fits right in my pocket or purse which is great when I’m travelling or simply in the yard. I have been considering learning more from my grown children about those fancy cameras that they use, where you can adjust the focus and all kinds of stuff. And speaking of my children, most of them are talented photographers themselves. Many road trips have required sudden pit stops to take a photo. But I believe that my family respects the art of picture taking and finds comfort in looking at pictures that are taken by different family members.
Photographs are a ‘trip’ in themselves: I don’t have to go to Bali or hike to the top of a British Columbia glacier because my children share their adventures with me through their photos. And I love that.

Tofino, B.C.

Tofino, B.C.




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