Silence. That’s something I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing too often! But really, is there any such thing?
This morning I sit here writing and I can see in my peripheral vision, the sparkling water of my beloved river, dancing like diamonds, silently reflecting off my glasses and clothes. I look up and I’m blinded for a moment by the extreme white patch on the river where the rising sun reflects off the flowing waters. In a few moments, the sun will have moved higher in the sky and the harsh, blinding white will become calm, sparkling water.

My 'Lake of Shining Waters' , Rideau River
I can hear the 2 clocks ticking around me as I sit here writing in the early morn. One clock rests on the cold wood cookstove, patiently waiting for me to paint the bathroom so it can take its rightful place again above the mirror. Hearing its ticking every second reminds me of life – one breath, one heart beat at a time – one that you can’t take away, give away, or take back….. each one at a time. That second is in the past before you know it and the next one is here before you’ve had a chance to think about it – regularly….. at exactly the same interval.

As I sit here in my world’s silence, I’m greeted by the other clock’s bird chime on the hour – this hour being a black cap Chickadee call, one of my favourite birds. Then a real Blue Jay outside squawks to let me know he’s back. Around here, the Blue Jays seem to go into the woods for the summer. They come back in September to help me ‘clean up’ the fallen apples scattered over the grass and gardens. Their shrill call sounds bossy and dominant.
Soon I’ll be hearing the crackling of the fire in my wood cookstove while leaves fall and touch the metal roof quietly. Silence is a myth. Quiet is rare but enjoyed when I have the pleasure of experiencing it once in a while.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 18:12:16

    I liked this one Linda. You write beautifully. And that clock… pretty sure it’s the one we gave you and Chris as a wedding present. So many good memories we can enjoy… in silence.


  2. df
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 13:00:55

    This made for a very relaxing and reflective read, Linda, thanks for a bit of quiet in the middle of my busy day.


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