The Good Ol’ Hockey Game


Last evening my Sister Faye and I went to see the Ottawa Senators play the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs.  I’ve already written about growing up in a hockey-loving family during the 50’s and 60’s – we used to watch the ‘Original Six’ hockey teams play every Saturday night on our little 12 inch black and white television.  Our family always cheered for the Toronto Maple Leafs while our next door neighbours in the semi-detached house beside us were Montreal Canadiens fans (there was alot of banging on the wall during hockey games in those days lol).   I’d always fall asleep on my mother’s lap …….

Faye 'punching out' Ottawa

Faye ‘punching out’ Ottawa

Since I moved to Eastern Ontario 32 years ago, I became an Ottawa Senators fan when the team was given a NHL franchise in the early 1990`s.  I still love the Toronto Maple Leafs……….. when they’re NOT playing the Ottawa Senators lol!   For the last few years, ‘my die-hard Leafs fan’ Sister Faye comes up for a visit when her team just happens to be playing my team.  So we usually go to a game rather than watch it on TV.  We proudly walk arm-in-arm each  wearing our teams’ jerseys.

Faye - Supper @ Scotiabank Place

Faye – Supper @ Scotiabank Place

Last night, we decided to have supper before the game right inside Scotiabank Place at Frank Finnigan`s restaurant.  I made reservations the same day that I ordered our hockey tickets online.  The place was absolutely packed with people 3 deep at the bar and a line-up right outside the door.  When leaving the restaurant  straight into the arena, we were met by two security guards whose job it was to search our purses and scan us with a metal detector.  We noticed that everyone else who used the main entrance did not have these increased security measures……. hmmm.   After supper, we had an hour to walk  before finding our seats for the game .  I would say that there were more Toronto Maple Leaf fans proudly wearing their team jerseys than there were hometown Ottawa Senators fans.   The ‘Battle of Ontario’ was on!  All fans were jovial albeit defensive of their teams prowess and skill.  One lady had a shirt saying “Leafs Suck” and a sign “Stop Whining Phaneuf” (Toronto’s captain) lol.   It was a sell-out crowd of 20,500 people.

Toronto vs. Ottawa Warm-up

Toronto vs. Ottawa

We were up in the nose-bleed` section as usual and had a great view of the Toronto goalie for 2 periods.  It was a fast and furious game with a fight in the first period that actually seemed more like a dance!  It’s nice going to a game in person, but we miss the television play-by-play from the commentators on Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.  And I wondered during the intermission how a person gets their Zamboni driver’s license……  The family beside me were Ottawa fans and the family beside my sister were Leafs fans – all the children were well-trained by their parents in the appropriate cheers or boos.    There was a standing ovation for several Canadian Forces personnel introduced on the jumbotron and a tribute to Boston with the singing of ‘Sweet Caroline’.

"I wanna drive a Zamboni!"

“I wanna drive a Zamboni!”

The Toronto Maple Leafs won 4-1 over the Ottawa Senators.  I was a bit stiff from not jumping up for goals – Faye wasn’t.  After the game, we made our way down to the empty players benches at ice level.  An arena ‘host’ was there just waiting for us and even asked if he could take a picture of us with our camera – I think he gets asked that a lot.  We wandered around waiting for the parking lot traffic to die down a bit.  Even then, it took us about a half an hour just to get out of the parking lot.

Leafs vs. Sens ticket

Leafs vs. Sens ticket

Faye’s all happy today because her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs have officially made it into the play-offs.  It’s abit iffy for the Ottawa Senators – they are near the cut-off and have to win this week or they’re out.   Faye and I will be watching all the games on TV this week, with bated breath.  Then next week a whole new world opens up as the 2013 National Hockey League play-offs begin.  Who knows, Toronto may just win the Stanley Cup this Year, after a 46 year drought – miracles DO happen you know!  lol   BUT……




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 12:42:41

    Great game Linda , Glad Faye was with you as well. Love to been there with you both. Enjoy the Hockey games cousins.


    • grammomsblog
      Apr 21, 2013 @ 12:54:23

      Thanks Maureen – we had a great time! And we will all week long while Faye is here. Next Saturday night it’s Montreal @ Toronto on TV, which is still one of the best games there is!


  2. Betty
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 17:21:30

    Awe… wish I had of been there with you two old birds!!… I love seeing how excited Faye gets when Toronto scores… (although over the years – it hasn’t been too much!!)… haha… but don’t tell Faye I said that!!… Glad that ya’s had a great time… I didn’t doubt for a minute that ya’s wouldn’t!!.. Have a fun week…. Love ya’s…. Bet…. xo


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