Art Class

I recently took a 6 week art class.  That’s pretty unusual for me since I don’t ever take any ‘classes’ of any sort.  The last time I took classes, it was 25 years ago at a local University!  I guess I’m just frugal (a.k.a. cheap) and don’t like to pay for any kind of activity in which I might learn something because everyone knows I already know everything!  lol

I was really interested in taking an art class because I already love to draw and paint and I was hoping to learn more about watercolour painting.  I wasn`t disappointed.  I think that the best thing about this art class was that it was small – only 6 women.  The ‘instructor’ was a very laid back artist who didn’t rigidly enforce her own style on anyone.  She encouraged each of us to find our own way with various mediums.  We started out by good old-fashioned colouring – it had been a few years since I coloured with my grandkids so I was thoroughly enjoying it.  However I shared with the group, that we usually didn’t like ‘colouring books’ at our house because the lines were too restrictive – my kids prefered ‘doodle pads’ of blank pages where THEY could make the lines and colour them in.

First Watercolour, Percé Rock

First Watercolour, Percé Rock, unfinished

At the end of each class, we discussed which medium we’d like to explore the following  week.  So we ‘played’ with Watercolours next.    I didn’t recall that you could buy watercolour pencils to create your painting then add water.  I forgot to bring a picture to paint from so I just did my first watercolour from memory of my favourite Gaspe place, Percé Rock.  Of course, there wasn’t enough time to finish it in 2 hours so I’ll add it to my list of paintings I’ve “started-to-be-completed-someday” (I have 2 painting that I began 45 years ago that I plan on finishing).

Food Colouring Watercolour

Food Colouring Watercolour

We also did some pictures on watercolour paper with water and simple food colouring as well as India Ink.  THAT was fun!  I chose my favourite colour combinations and just put a few drops of food colouring on the paper where the mood happened to strike me ……….. and just watched the picture ‘grow’ as the colours slowly spread and joined into one another……… it was like meditating.

About midway through the course, we explored painting on black-painted canvas.  It was just SO much fun.   My picture looked like the cosmos so I titled it “My Tribute to Carl Sagan for Marty”.   Now what was developing during this art class were friendships with people I didn’t even know a month before.    A real bonus.

"My Tribute to Carl Sagan for Marty"

“My Tribute to Carl Sagan for Marty”

The second to last class, we did finger painting!  It sure took me back to my kindergarten days when finger painting was my favourite part of school.   We just let the mood flow and talked and mashed our hands in the paint……..



We ended this series with pencil sketching called Zendoodling or something like that.  It was flowing, yet could be intense, eye-straining, and small.  Either way, it was fun.  We ended our classes by having lunch together at a local establishment, The Crusty Baker.   Everyone agreed to continue our connection and exchanged emails

What I did gain from this experience was the confidence to get back into my art and especially to dabble in watercolour.  But the most  unexpected surprise, was the new friendships I made.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Betty
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 12:51:50

    I’m so glad you did this!!!… Not only for the joy of getting back to your art… but now you have some new friends!!… Way to go sista!!… Love you… xo

    P.S. I’ve had a paint set – complete with easel, canvas and paints – for years now … and recently I just got it out of it’s hiding place and am going to tap into my inner art self real soon… I think it’ll be fun and I may even take an art class just like you!!!…. Aahhhh… the things we can do when we get “older”…


  2. df
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 19:35:59

    It was really lovely to read about your experience. My boys gave me drawing classes and sketching supplies for Christmas this year, and I’m halfway through my lessons, having lots of fun! Love the food colouring experiment, and the tribute to Carl Sagan is great!


    • grammomsblog
      Feb 17, 2013 @ 20:38:44

      Wow, isn’t it awesome to dabble in Art!
      Yes the food colouring art was SO much fun – it would be a great project for children too. You can even buy fluorescent food colouring.


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