Grammomsblog 1st Anniversary

Backyard Primetime for Fishing

Backyard Primetime for Fishing

One year ago today, I decided to start a blog. On Facebook or other sites, I kept reading about all the adventures some of my kids were having……… I loved it that they were sharing what was happening in their lives after they moved away from home. I admired the pictures that they posted and at times I felt that I was right there too. I was grateful for that gift. I also had just started reading a blog from Michele and Cam Mather about their adventures living on their farm off grid .    I didn’t even know these people yet I felt as if we were friends . So I took the plunge and decided that if my kids could share their lives through a blog then so could I! Grammomsblog was born.

Fall Birthday Granddaughters

Fall Birthday Granddaughters

First I had to choose a name and since my life revolves around being a Mom and a Gramma, the name Grammomsblog was a natural choice. Very simply, I just wanted to share my journey through life. Setting up a blog was completely new to me but I just followed the WordPress prompts and chose all the details like my page theme background, text, sidebar widgets, etc. My first Post on December 5, 2011 was short and sweet since I was afraid of screwing it up – however I’ve come to realize that you can’t really screw anything up! More people read my blog on that very first day than on any day since. I can’t remember if I just posted the link on Facebook or emailed my blog Announcement to my family and friends. Overwhelmingly, everyone approved and was excited for me.To date, I have written 82 posts – stories actually, of what I’ve experienced in the past or events that have just happened in the present. I want to write down the stories and experiences that are presently in my head before my ever-aging mind forgets them – for my friends and family to enjoy reading. I guess it’s kinda like my legacy…. I don’t really have a plan for writing posts – I just write about what happens to inspire me at the moment. I’ve written about life at home (“Wood Stove Cleaning Day”), travel experiences (“Beautiful British Columbia” and “My Florida Vacation”), recipes (“Early Spring Chili”), thought provoking issues (“Gratitude” and “My Thoughts on World Oil”), gardening (“Garden Update”), tributes to my parents (“Mothers’ Day Tribute” and “Dad”), etc.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida

My most popular blog post this year was on November 29, 2012 “Curried Squash Soup” with 13 comments and 4 Reader “likes”. I feel that writing has helped rekindled my love of creating the written word, honoured the age-old ‘story telling’ concept, and improved my writing skills. I also love taking pictures with my dinky little Kodak 14 megapixel pocket camera and then choosing which ones to include in a blog post. And I LOVE getting comments from all my readers! So far 360 comments have been made about a variety of posts.

Home Grown Wedding

Home Grown Wedding

Grammomsblog has had around 3,500 readers and ‘followers’ from countries all over the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Finland, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Norway, and Greece. I’m just a drop in the bucket but I’m proud of the reach of Grammomsblog.

Memorial Windchime-"While bike riding in bush in Arizona. hanging on a cactus red caught my eye. Note on it said it was a memorial to their son. If found to move it to another natural spot so his spirit could travel. no name."-Robert

Memorial Windchime-“While bike riding in bush in Arizona. hanging on a cactus red caught my eye. Note on it said it was a memorial to their son. If found to move it to another natural spot so his spirit could travel. no name.”-Robert

Last year on this day, my very first post was entitled “My World” and it was immediately followed by “Christmas of Years Past”. So, Year One of Grammomsblog is behind me……… and if you don’t mind, I’ll just keep blogging because I STILL haven’t run out of things to say!

Stockings hung by the chimney with care....

Stockings hung by the chimney with care….

I appreciate you reading and I hope you continue to enjoy Grammmomsblog.  Please “Follow Grammomsblog via Email”  if you haven’t already…..

GMom Linda

Garden @ Pond

Garden @ Pond


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bruce
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 12:04:50

    Hi Linda, cousin Bruce here. Enjoying your blogs, I am looking forward to more recipes as I have just begun reading your blogs. Take care.
    Hope to meet up sometime with my wife. Will have to plan a day trip soon and maybe do some biking in your neck of the woods.



    • grammomsblog
      Dec 05, 2012 @ 15:23:41

      Hi Bruce! I’m glad you are following my blog now! I would love to meet up with you and your wife sometime – it’s been decades!
      I’m going to post more recipes in 2013 – once a week – from my Cookbook “Mom’s Recipes”…….
      Keep your comments coming – I love to hear from you!


  2. Maureen Sinclair
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 12:41:36

    I always enjoy your stories Linda, Keep them coming dear.


  3. WildernessReturn
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 13:36:38

    Awesome and congratulations to you!
    I wish that I was inspired enough to write with the regularity that you do.


    • grammomsblog
      Dec 05, 2012 @ 15:27:06

      Thank you WildernessReturn! That inspiration has to come from within or I find that I can’t write and get my message across. Lots of pictures help too.
      I enjoy reading your Blog, so keep writing.


  4. Nicole
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 14:25:54

    I enjoy reading your blog. I especially liked the stories about my old neighborhood. I also did your recipe for the squash soup last night and having a bowl for lunch right now. Yummy!


    • grammomsblog
      Dec 05, 2012 @ 15:29:34

      Great, I’m glad you tried the Curried Squash Soup! Stories about my past experiences as well as new ones really inspire me. I’m happy that you’re enjoying my blog.


  5. Taylor
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 19:57:21

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you so much for sharing this gift. Your blog let’s me feel like I am still at home, not missing a thing, despite being so far away.
    Love you Mom.


  6. thatoldschoolgirl
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 21:42:58

    Congrats I hope you keep writing for many more years


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