Ready for Winter

Winter Sunrise

Well, I think I’m finally all ready for winter now! I made a list earlier in the season to help me get all my tasks done:

1.  Woodstove cleaning:  Last week I cleaned out my chimneys’ soot – Darin had swept the rooftop chimney for my cookstove a few weeks ago and today I swept the pellet stove chimney that sticks out the basement wall about a meter (3 feet) above ground.   I just had to spend a morning taking off the cookstove burners on top and the nameplate on the front  then scraping the soot that accumulates around the oven into a bag or shop-vaccing the corners.   I washed the nickel-plated trim and porcelain coated doors with a little hot water and dish soap then coated the cast iron stovetop with a little Olive Oil on a rag.  Downstairs, I gave the pellet stove a good cleaning out of ‘fly ash’  – I keep saying to myself that I’m going to clean my stoves in the late spring after heating season, but then I don’t, justifying it to myself that the fall would be better in case a bat or bird spent the summer inside.  I spread two ashbins full of ashes in my garden, which always helps sweeten the earth.

Clean and ready to burn

Cleaning Cookstove top










2.  Driveway:  On Friday, I was outdoors in the beautiful sun sticking reflective markers along side of the driveway for winter snowplowing.  For the first time in my life, I’ve decided to hire somebody to plow the snow from my laneway this winter.  I’m really afraid that we are going to get walloped by tons of snow this winter since we got off SO easy last winter.  Melvin and I were able to cut a path through the heavy snow in the driveway last winter but this year he’s finished high school and may be busy working.   I had Chris’ plow truck (3/4 ton diesel Chevy 4X4) until last year – I sold it since I only used it for plowing in the wintertime and it was just alot of truck to keep on the road for only that purpose.   I even dug out our old snowblower and worked on it for days (soaked the carburetor in ‘carb cleaner’) but I just couldn’t get it started.  I sent it to the Co-op to get fixed but a simple Carb Kit didn’t do the job and I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new carburetor that might not even fix the problem….. oh well, I tried, but I don’t know what else to do.

Driveway in Winter

3.  Firewood:  The woodshed is full plus next year’s firewood is piled up outside.  I’ve phoned my firewood guy Gerald already to order 10 cords for next spring – he cuts it during the winter and ‘bucks it up’ to dry abit.  He’ll bring it out in April or May when things ‘dry up’.   My pellet order was unexpectedly here today………but I was not (@ Darin’s doing the snow tires).   So this week I should have my one and a half ton of pellets delivered and stacked inside my garage.

4.  Pond:  At the beginning of November, I disconnected the pond pump and brought it indoors for the winter – I keep it in water in the big winter tank that my fish go in.  I’ve already placed the leaf net on the pond weeks ago after I removed the fish.

5.  Garden Hoses: All the garden hoses have been rolled up and put away for the winter.  The outside taps have been turned off and drained.

6.  Coldroom storage:  My potatoes, onions, squash, canna lilies, etc. are all stored for winter use.

7.  Windows:  I gave some of the windows a cleaning, inside and out,  so the warm winter sun can shine through.  I love looking outside through clean windows!

Mourning Doves on Clothesline

8.  Outdoor Furniture: I put away the chairs and took down the screened Gazebo about a month ago.  It was challenging waiting for a dry weather.  But having my sister Faye coming up for a visit in October really gave me incentive to get stuff done before she arrived!  The dock out on the river still needs to be tied against the shore and the canoe needs to be brought up beside the Playhouse but it’s better to wait until it snows because the canoe slides effortlessly on the snow-covered grass.

9. Winter Snow Tires :  On Sunday, my son Darin put on my snow tires – it was actually a beautiful, sunny, warmish day.    This was the final winter preparation task that needed to be accomplished.

Rideau Canal Fun –
Skating and Beavertales!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fred Schueler
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 10:52:37

    I think we’ve done about 40%of these…


  2. df
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 21:20:33

    To say that I’m impressed would be a massive understatement. I’m in awe and envious and wishing you could run my house while I try to tend to everything else! 🙂 Of all the items that you listed (and we have in fact done some of these – three years of stacked firewood sure feels good), clean windows has made it to the top of my personal wishlist. I’d just love clean windows, and can’t see the way to make it happen with everything else we have on. (Feel sorry for me!)

    It finally clicked for me today that I haven’t been seeing your posts in my Reader because I hadn’t actually clicked “Follow” (even though I was sure I had). Now I’ve finally done it!!


    • grammomsblog
      Nov 13, 2012 @ 21:28:38

      First of all, let me say Welcome to Grammomsblog!
      As for my windows, I managed to clean SOME of them – the 2 main back windows and the large front window that I look out every single day…… and I try not to look out the dirty windows lol.
      It helps too that I don’t have young children/babies to nurture anymore…….. back then, I went YEARS ignoring ALL of the above ! Hahaha….


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