Lazy Summer Day


This morning, I was cuddling our kitten after I awoke and looked out the window, as usual, checking to see if the Great Blue Heron was around the pond.  Lucky for me, and the pond fish, he’s been absent from the pond lately.  But then I noticed that there was something wrong down there:  the water level had dropped over a foot overnight!  Hmmmm.  After I hung out my laundry and ate breakfast, I got my ‘work clothes’ on and wandered down with my gardening bucket full of useful things, like my plumbing/pond tools.   I took a walk around the pond trying to assess the problem.  Fortunately, the pond pump was still working, as I have it sitting about  2 feet below the surface.  There’s always the threat of the pump burning out if the water level exposes it above where it can’t cool down or pumps dry.  Last year I had to buy a new pond pump, so I found an energy-efficient pump at Canadian Tire that was on sale for 50% off AND it was guaranteed for 3 years!   I unplugged the pump, then pulled it out of the water.   Funny, I was just saying to myself yesterday that I’ll have to pull out the pump and clean out the “goop” that gets sucked into the vents – I hadn’t done it for about a month, way overdue.  Oh ya, it was WAY overdue for a cleaning alright!!  It was quite plugged and not only that, the increased pressure popped a hose off the pump and THAT’s what was draining  the water out!  It must have just gushed out of the pond when the hose first came off in the wee hours of the morning!  I re-attached the hose, putting a clamp on it this time (I should have done this in the first place and I knew it – serves me right) and placed the pump back into the pond.  I backwashed for just a few minutes into my veggie garden since it’s been SO hot and my squash was needing a drink.

We had a big downpour of rain a few days ago and my 50 gallon rain barrels were completely full.  I dug every hose I owned out of the garage and attached them to my rain barrels and drained them into the 4,500 gallon pond to help fill it up.  I also put the hose from the house on a drip to slowly contribute water this afternoon.  Later today, I’ll shut off the house hose and wait for the rain that’s supposed to come tomorrow – all the rain barrels can empty into the pond and eventually it will fill up again……My raspberry patch is beside my pond, so while I was down there, I picked the raspberries.  I would have loved to post a picture of those delicious, plump, red raspberries, but alas, I ate them just as quickly as I picked them!  They were SO good!  I waited since last summer for that yummy taste.  I doubt if I’ll have enough to make jam at this rate!  But I just can’t help myself………

This afternoon it’s another scorching HOT day with temperatures in the mid 30’sC (mid 90’sF) plus humidex so it feels like 40C (102F)!  I shut the windows up early today – around 9 a.m.- as it was already starting to heat up.  I close the curtains in my bedroom and pull down the outdoor bamboo blinds ( I got brand new for $5.00 at a  garage sale)  that I have hanging on the porch to decrease the sunlight coming in my big picture window.   It seems to help along with the trees shading the house.  The A/C is set for 25 degrees celsius, so it only comes on occasionally when it’s brutally hot – and never at night, so far.  I have this ‘rule’:  when it’s hot outside and the A/C is on, I NEVER cook/bake inside.  Our furry, old Husky dog Yukon really appreciates  being cooler – he can’t deal with the heat anymore now that he’s 14 years old.  And he’s still losing his ‘winter’ coat….. all over the mudroom floor – with lots more to come out!

So this hot, muggy afternoon finds my two grown kids and myself  watching our usual summertime movie:  Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring.  It begins……….. we’ll eventually watch all three LOTR movies AND the special features/interviews.  It’ll likely take several weeks or even the month of July, then we’ll start on another series of movies……. while we get through the hot summer.

Pond Fish



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