Garden Update

As May wanes and June approaches, there are lots of changes on my property.

Winter Butternut Squash has made the transplant to the garden successfully.  I’ve got several jugs around my heavy feeders to give them abit more water after I’m done watering them with the rain barrel hose.  (The other day, we had a severe thunderstorm warning and all around us experienced torrential rains, but we didn’t get a drop.)  This week, I’ll add some seaweed, scooped from the river, to give them an organic boost.

Butternut Squash


A lot of perennials are beginning to bloom now.  Around the pond, the Siberian Irises are standing tall and proud.  They don’t last too long so I enjoy their royal purple colour as long as I can.

Siberian Iris

The aromatic Perennial Geranium is blooming EVERYWHERE!  I have it planted all over the place – just one plant to start and it spreads like crazy!  It’s a wonderful groundcover and grows in shade or hot, dry sun without complaint supplying shade to other plants’ roots.

Perennial Geranium

Beside the pond’s stream, I saw the Japanese Painted Ferns that Marty got me for my Birthday many years ago when he worked at the Veggie/Garden Market in town.  They thrive there and always make me smile of those happy times.

Japanese Painted Fern

Out front, I got busy yesterday picking off the flower seed heads of the unwanted Goutweed that are invading my gardens.  I think I unknowingly got some when I bought a plant at a charity sale and now it’s just spread everywhere, trying to choke out my other plants.    But where I REALLY want it now is in that unforgiving ditch of mine along the road.

Busy Bee

So I’m transplanting some roots (difficult) and now, throwing the picked-off flower/seed heads right into the ditch.  You can’t kill this stuff so I’m trying EVERY method to get it to take over the ditch just like it’s doing to my gardens – so I don’t have to cut it and it just maintains itself!


I noticed alot of bees buzzing about the flowers doing their important job.

And my Lupins are starting to bloom!


I love lupins, I always have.  While in PEI many, many years ago, I saw lupins growing naturally in ditches and I was hooked.  I started out with a few plants donated to me and every fall I sprinkle the dried seeds all over to reproduce the plants.

Getting my vegetable garden planted is going slower that I’d like.  I cannot function outside in the heat and humidity anymore and we’ve had many days so far this month with those conditions.  I did get the two blueberry plants in the ground (that Darin got me for my birthday – it’s great having a birthday in May!)  so that makes it 7 blueberry plants in total now.  I’ve decided to plant some potatoes in a couple of my raised beds in my kitchen garden as digging them in the fall is becoming an issue.  Ditto carrots.


I hope all of you are making progress on your Gardening this spring!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lili@creativesavv
    May 31, 2012 @ 15:56:16

    I just clicked somewhere and lost my comment — in case it did go to you, just an FYI as to why I’m resending. Anyways, I was just commenting how pretty your flowers were looking. But mostly I’m interested in what kind of container you have next to your squash plant? Holes in the bottom, I presume. Do you put the seaweed right in that container? Do you think salt water seaweed would harm the plants (we live near the Puget Sound in Seattle, lots of seaweed)? I was also thinking I could do compost tea right in a container like that to feed my pumpkins and squashes this summer. Anyways, enjoyed seeing your garden. Good luck filling in the ditch with plants. We have a similar ditch along the edge of our property. Right now it’s taken over by ivy.


    • grammomsblog
      May 31, 2012 @ 19:15:51

      Hi Lili ! The container beside the squash is an old 2 litre Coke bottle (plastic) turned upside down (spout down) with the bottom cut off (but I’m going to switch it for a 4 litre – one gallon – jug = more water). I put the seaweed right inside it so the water coaxes out all the nutrition for the plants. I’ve read somewhere about using salt water seaweed….. but compost tea would work great (I often hang a handful in an old stocking or sock in my rain barrels.


  2. Lili@creativesavv
    May 31, 2012 @ 19:53:15

    Thanks for the info. I’m going to try this this year. Squash and pumpkins are such heavy feeders. This may give the boost they need.


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