Going on 60……..!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a birthday last weekend…….I turned 59.  We celebrated at my son Darin and Amanda’s with  delicious rotisserie Barbequed chickens, roasted potatoes, my favourite broccoli salad, and a yummy rhubarb cake followed by a game of Bocce and a campfire.  And when Nellie, Melvin, and I got back home, I got to pick the movie to watch.

Birthday Campfire

Birthday Campfire

It occurred to me that now I’m going on 60 years old!  Six decades…..approaching  senior citizen age!   I already get a ‘seniors’ discount at Shoppers Drug Mart, my car insurance, and now my bank (free unlimited transactions).  And all that is super great when it comes to saving money.   But, I’ll tell you, it’s an ominous feeling to be approaching 60 years old and it makes you contemplate life in a real way.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything.  I’ve been really blessed having seven children.  I feel grateful to have lived in my home for 31 years now and plan on living out the rest of my life here.   I feel satisfied that I’ve been dealt a good hand in the game of life.   I’ve been happy with my life mostly.  However, sometimes life throws you a curve and things turn out not exactly as you’ve planned……  Some of the terrible challenges I’ve faced in my life have actually enriched my growth.   After my Mom died suddenly in 1975, just a few weeks after my first baby was born, I eventually learned to adapt without her support, encouragement, and Motherly direction.  I always, and still do, feel her love.  Love can’t be seen, touched, heard, or smelled BUT it exists.  And because a person transcends life to somewhere beyond doesn’t extinguish Love.   And if I hadn’t been divorced, then I wouldn’t have met my soulmate Chris and had Nellie and Melvin.  So you see, it all works out…..

Looking towards the future, I feel both excitement and trepidation.  I hope to ‘cruise’ through my sixties, enjoying my little house and keeping up with the gardens as well as doing more visiting my family around the country.   I want to stop and  “smell the roses” more often or let the grass grow a wee bit longer or do less weeding  or chop less firewood.   But for now, I’m going to savour just being 59 years old!

Home by Marty

Home, by Marty



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  1. Jacklyn Szabo
    May 24, 2012 @ 22:24:13

    Lovely post today 🙂 You are one of the most positive people I know and I’m glad that we’re family 🙂 You’re an amazing woman to look up to. It’s true what you said…when people leave us physically, they are still with us, love always endures.


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