Internet Thumbs-up

I grew up in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s in a time with NO internet.  Yes folks, it wasn’t until around 1998 that I even heard of this new fangled thing:  the internet.  Oh ya, back in the mid-1980s, we had a Commodore 64 which was more of a video game system than a computer, I came to discover.  But at least the kids learned the rudimentary task of writing programs ……..and stories.   So in 1998, my oldest son, Robin, convinced us that a new computer system was the way to go – the future – and it would help the other kids with their schooling……well THAT sold me!  Since we knew NOTHING about these computers he volunteered to come along to help us pick it out.  Under his tutelage, we walked out of the Futureshop store with an $3,200 IBM desktop  computer (laptops hadn’t been invented yet), scanner, and printer (dot matrix).  WE were kings!  Robin graciously helped set it up for us, even creating an email account for me  – and ,the next day, once I figured out how to turn it on and get to my email account (again with his help over the phone)  I was off to the cyber races and haven’t looked back since!  And the World Wide Web, I learned, wasn’t some kind of giant spider’s web.

I have to say, I have come to LOVE social media…..well Facebook in particular  (ya,ya, I know….I’ve heard it’s really run by the CIA ……).   It has given me a gift of reconnecting with cousins who live far away (Graham in England) or whom I’ve lost touch with for many decades (Stacey in Cape Breton) or long lost high school best friends I haven’t talked to in over 40 years (Cheryl in Hamilton).   I love to ‘chat’ with family members far away, like my sister Betty or my 3 grown sons who live across the country.  In fact, I don’t usually use my home telephone long distance very much anymore, unless I have a hankerin’ to hear their voices.  I joined Facebook in 2007 (“My Mom’s cool – she’s got Facebook!”)  originally because I wanted to see my son Marty’s pictures that he was posting.  Marty is a world traveller…..a nomad….who takes great photographs and creates awesome videos.   My oldest son Robin has also posted pictures and videos of his travels along the West Coast of North America.  I feel like I’m there, like a fly on their shoulder….. and it gives me immense pleasure to continue to be part of their lives like that.

And who uses ‘snail mail’ (ie. Canada Post) anymore?  Well I have to admit, that I love to get birthday cards in the mail once a year……  Now we have electronic mail to communicate on a daily basis.  I can get a response from one of my children usually within hours.   And sometimes my daughter Nellie, sitting right beside me, sends me an Instant Message on the computer LOL…..usually to be funny or tell me she loves me.


Last summer, I took the plunge and bought myself a laptop computer……..and I’m hooked.   Well that might not be a good thing since now I can comfortably sit in my recliner chair instead of that old hard chair at the desktop computer………. all the time if I want!  It’s addicting!  I love to read and sometimes I spend hours reading on the internet, even though I prefer the printed word.   And I can gaze out the window at all the yard work that’s just waiting for me…..  I guess if I try hard enough, I can justify that the computer typing is very good exercise for my arthritic hands…………


But today’s job is not ‘playing’ on my computer or planting potatoes – it’s helping my daughter Nellie sew her costume.  But first I’ll have to fix the sewing machine as it’s acting up again (it happened before but I can’t remember what I did to fix it).



So, regrettably, I must conclude this GMoms post and turn off my computer  — for awhile anyway.

On the Inside Looking Out



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lili@creativesavv
    May 25, 2012 @ 11:42:47

    We still have my brother’s old Mac computer, bought in 1986, I think. It was dubbed a “portable” and came with a canvas bag, but the whole thing is the size of a microwave oven. Portable-ha! It was a word processor mostly, didn’t do much in the way of computing. We had several games on it, which my son enjoyed quite a bit. It still runs, but the “l” doesn’t work, so you need to use the “1” for an “l”. And it’s printer takes the paper with holes up the sides. We hang on to it as a collector’s item now. I remember typing on an electric typewriter in college. If you didn’t like the way a paragraph turned out, you had to start that page all over. Kids these days have it easy.


  2. Cheryl Ferroni
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 16:36:33

    OMG Linda …. thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog! Hope to see again one day! I think a trip to visit you should be planned by Lou Campbell and I! xx oo


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