April Gardening

Today I got busy after lunch outside in the 10 degrees celcius sunny day.  I started off with a sweater on but quickly shed it as I warmed up.    First I went down to the pond and ‘backwashed’ it to water my new raspberries.  I can see little leaf nodes on them all so I’m very pleased that they seem to have ‘taken’ in their new bed.  Next I dug out a dozen large Ostrich Ferns that I had made a mental note of last year – they had crept around the pond, way beyond the area that they began in.  These ferns grow about 4 – 4 1/2  feet tall as well as spread every year so it was time to get control before they began to unfurl to fiddleheads.  I replanted them immediately in a shady spot near the deck.

Next I went over to my raised-bed ‘kitchen garden’  and buried my “compostables” which I had brought out earlier.  I added another portable section onto this ‘compost bed’ and covered it with an old storm window to keep the dog out.   While I was there, I planted some lettuce seeds in the bed that already had lettuce coming up from last fall.  Finally I planted the new Rhubarb that my new friend Val gave me  -thanks ‘Farmgal’-  right beside my kitchen garden.

Orange Daylily

Orange Daylily

Since we are expecting rain for a few days, I decided that this was a good time to move some daylillies to their new spot at the front ditch.  This ditch is the bane of my existence!!  The older I get, the more difficult it is to maintain because it is steep.  I know that my youngest child is finishing high school this year and may, some day,  move away on his own.  Right now, he cuts the ditch for me easily and in just 10 minutes.   I can handle all the rest of the yard maintenance on my own, but this ditch is literally very painful for me to mow.  SO, I decided to change out the grass for orange daylillies and variegated Goutweed that eventually will fill in and I’ll never have to mow.  I’m not removing the grass – are you kidding, that would be too hard!  I’m just moving the new plants and digging them right into the existing grass.  It sure is slow going though.  The other day, I planted one 75 foot row of variegated goutweed near the top of the ditch and the next day, suffered “repetative stress disorder” in my right wrist.  Well, okay, the arthritis didn’t help…..  and digging and sitting on the slope, bumming my way along was ALOT of work.  Today I replanted 50 day lillies about a foot lower than the row of goutweed, which filled about 2/3’s of the row.  I estimated that I’ll need to re-plant 300 Day Lillies and a couple hundred Goutweed plants/roots on the one side of the ditch.  And it’ll likely take 3-4 years to fill in enough to start choking out the grass.

Dew on Miscanthus G.

Dew on Miscanthus Giganteus

Val had also given me some Apple Mint, so I planted it right beside the hydro pole near the ditch where it can spread as much as it wants.  One more thing I wanted to do before I came inside was to move some of my Miscanthus Giganteus to a spot along the fence in the backyard.  This type of ornamental grass is the spreading type not the clumping type and boy does it spread!  I’m trying to stop it from taking over a patch of Purple Coneflowers so I thought I’d dig it out and replant it.  The root system is massive and solid on these plants so my shovel had to be sharp and I had to be ruthless.  I probably should never have planted that clump where I did in the first place…….   Well after struggling with this digging, I needed a break so I just moved the wheelbarrow full of Miscanthus beside the woodshed – I’ll plant it tomorrow morning.

Now it’s 4 o’clock and ‘break time’ is over.  It’s time to start thinking about making supper:  barbequed steak, fried onions,  yummy potato wedges, and carrots.  I expect that by the time I get this all done, it’ll be time to walk the dog and get ready to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs  (Go Sens Go!).

After being awake since 5:30 a.m., I hope I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to see who wins the hockey game……yawn!

Thanks to my sons Marty and Melvin for taking some awesome garden pictures!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 17:45:04

    Hi, Your one busy girl. But worth it I’m sure. I bet it’s so pretty when the flowers are in bloom, Lots of hard work. Take it easy & enjoy the game,
    Love: Maureen.


  2. Jacklyn Szabo
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 22:53:11



  3. grammomsblog
    Apr 20, 2012 @ 08:30:12

    Thanks ladies!


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