My Spring Garden tour

I went for a walkabout this morning to see what’s happening in my gardens this spring.

First thing this morning, after walking the dog, I checked out my blackberry plants that I planted last spring out front by the lattice.  Looked good!

Lettuce and Onions

Lettuce, bottom / Onions, top

On my way down to my main vegetable garden, I stopped by my little ‘Kitchen garden’ I started last spring.  I took off the old storm windows (free on the side of the road)  I am using for the top of my coldframe, since it’s supposed to rain today.   The lettuce I planted last fall, which subsequently froze in the winter, was coming up beautifully!  So were some  onions I must have missed last fall.  Sweet!  My empty raised beds are hosting my compostables like veggie scraps, peels, and egg shells for now, mixed into the soil.   I took off the sheets I had covered my tomatoes and peppers with last September, to protect them from the frost and hopefully extend their growing season – it worked because I picked my last tomatoes and peppers October 18th!  I guess I got busy doing other autumn chores like cleaning the leaves out of the eavestroughs and chopping firewood instead of putting away those sheets.  Someday I hope to really extend my garden season by using cold frames within a small ‘greenhouse’ like structure….I was really excited after seeing my kitchen garden so I quickly got to the main vegetable garden with some pine boughs that I had just removed from my “winter display” out front.  I put these around a few of my blueberry plants knowing that I have my entire old Christmas tree to spread around the other blueberries, later. Blueberries love acid soil and this is the best way I can think of to accomplish this.

First I noticed the 6″ garlic chives that my neighbour Della had given me a few years ago.  I think she got hers from her parents old farm a while back.  Now my mouth was watering for sour cream with garlic chives on potatoes.



Then I spotted the garlic coming up and I quickly forgot about my appetite.  Wow, the garlic was bigger than I thought it would be!  I planted it late last fall as I was determined to plant garlic for this year and if you miss the window to plant in the fall, well, you’ll have to wait till next year.  I just planted a little bit, to see how it goes……



It didn’t take long to notice the rhubarb! I just planted it last year after I somehow lost my other plantings.  I had originally got a chunk of rhubarb from my neighbour about 30 years ago.  Then I gave another new neighbour some of it around 15 years ago, so I asked her for a little chuck back, last year.

I decided to scoop some leaves out of my pond and hook up the drainage hoses from my rain barrel up at the house.  Last year I assembled a make-shift rain barrel with some hoses connected together from parts I found around the garage and laid it out down the yard through my ‘shade garden’ to empty into my pond.  During the summer, I water my vegetable garden from my pond, which if full of stuff all gardens love, rather than use my well water.  All last summer, I never had to top up the pond since that rain barrel emptied into it  during every storm.  Around the pond, I noticed orange daylillies well up through the ground, perennial geraniums nicely mounded, tulips getting close to forming a bud, and a lot of buds on the japanese maple.

Rain barrel to Pond

Rain barrel to Pond

Pond-rain barrel hose

The yard if FULL of branches blown down during the winter, so I’ll have to do a walkabout with the wheelbarrow to pick them up.  My best wheelbarrow, a two-wheeled one that Chris got me for my birthday a dozen years ago (he always knew what I wanted),  has a broken handle and a pair of new handles are almost $50!  So I’m going to buy a scrap piece of oak to fit and just trim the place where my hand goes to make it more round….right now I’m just using a maple branch….lol

There are tons of perennials all over the place coming up:  like lilly-of-the-valley, creeping jenny aurea, sedum, spring flowers like tulips and daffodils…’s SO exciting.  The crocuses have been blooming for a few weeks already.

This weekend, I hope to get my new Raspberry bed planted.  I went back to the same local nursery where I got my first plants almost 30 years ago and they now sell them in individual pots instead of a dozen rooted raspberry plants  held together by an elastic.  My original raspberry patch is feeling kinda old so I’m probably going to refresh that too with dug plants ‘donated’ to me ……(hint,hint).  I’ll have to wait for blueberry plants since I haven’t seen any for sale yet.

After my happy walkabout, I swept leaves off the back porch while I made a mental list of all the ‘to-do-things’ for the sunny days in the 5 day forecast….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 18:19:01

    Your garden must be so beautiful. You must have a green thumb,
    Happy gardening Linda, I know you love it. I love the outdoors as well.
    Love your post , Always so interesting.
    Love ya: Maureen


  2. grammomsblog
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 20:53:54

    I think I get my ‘green thumb’ from both my Parents…..and Grandparents, of course.
    Thanks Maureen! xoxo


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