Yearning for Spring

I’m sick of winter.  Even though it’s been a ‘mild’ winter, I’m getting tired of the cold and snow.  It’s been a ‘fickle’ winter with freezing rain or snow or just plain rain  -we’ve had half as much snow as we normally do.  But everything is still white outside, covered in an icy thick layer of snow.   One day it’s -24C (this morning) and the next day it’s +12C (tomorrow).

Mourning Doves on Clothesline

But there is hope.  The sun is definitely getting stronger!  My outdoor solar lights are charging up big time during the day and shining over the snow most of the night long.  And I’m getting lots of solar hot water.   But after 3 months of winter, I’m ready for a change.  My driveway is icy and full of frozen ruts from the last snowstorm/rain/then cold making walking treacherous.  My elbow is starting to hurt from the “repetitive strain” of chopping firewood.  I’m getting kinda tired of my winter food ‘menu’ ……Yup, I’m ready for a change.

I need sun…..and heat…….no snow………spring rains.  I need to get outside in my garden and get my hands dirty, instead of frozen fingers in holey gloves chopping wood.  About this time every year, I get “cabin fever” or a desire for something different.   I find myself online looking at Viarail destinations or thinking about visiting my Sisters.

I must stop myself from planting seeds to satisfy my need for the good earth.  It’s too early yet and I have to wait at least another 3  weeks to start tomatoes or else they’ll be too leggy and weak for the garden in May.  And I’m fed up chopping and hauling firewood.   I’m tired of making soup and lasagna and roast beef dinners with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I need a good barbeque with roasted potatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and zucchini…….mmmmmm.  And even hamburgers or ‘beer-butt chicken’ – a whole chicken stood on a can full of water, salt, and fresh rosemary placed on a tray on the BBQ.

I’m dying to see tulips in my gardens!  I am SO glad that I planted tulips and daffodils years ago.  They come back year after year.  It makes my day when I see the little shoots first poking through the ground around the beginning of April.  Then watching them get taller and the flower bud forming until one morning all the beautiful colour bursts forth.  They last for weeks and weeks, taking turns blooming for my mere entertainment.   By the middle of April, the ferns have started unfurling and within hours it seems, they grow 3-4 feet tall.    Day by day, more plants burst forth welcoming a new spring…..

I love sweeping off my front porch for the first time each spring.  It involves moving all the furniture, tables, crocks, and baskets of shells from both the east coast and the pacific.  Last autumns leaves and empty sunflower seed shells have blown against the house and need to be coaxed out.  But I don’t mind:  it gives me a chance to ‘commune’ with my porch and its ‘inhabitants’, sit a spell mid-job, and watch the birds or the trees or the last patch of snow melting.

Birds also make me feel happy – all year long, with the exception of the Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons who are fond of my pond fish.  The little Goldfinches who have been olive green all winter are now slowly starting to get their yellow colour back.  Some people have seen Robins already, but not me.  Bluejays are still active out in the open but will head to the woods come summer.

Lily Pad in the Pond

My dog Yukon seems to be getting ‘antsy’ – he wants to go outside constantly to sniff around and roll in the crusty snow.  I’m sure he knows that soon it will be all gone and he’ll just have green  grass to frolic in as he loses his winter fur.   And our kitten is fascinated by the rainbows cast around the room by my crystal hanging in the window, climbing up walls and chasing them on the floor every morning.

A few days ago I saw the first sign of spring:  a truck moving an ice shack off the river.  Fishermen have till next week to get their ice shacks off the river as the ice is getting thinner daily.

Yes siree, I’m ready for spring!  Bring it on!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Just another day on the farm
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 09:55:21

    I hear you, and could not agree more, what is with this crazy weather, but I am so looking forward to that plus 12 they are saying tomorrow will bring.. I was going to go for a walk and a little geo-catching later today, just to get off the farm for an hour but now I am saving it for tomorrow..

    You know what is one of the best things about spring for me? The pond, means that I don’t have to haul water for the barn critters, they can just go get a drink when they want to..heaven!


  2. Fred Schueler
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 11:02:44

    Isn’t a yearning for spring a sign that you didn’t gather enough data or specimens last year to keep yourself desperately busy over the winter? First Peepers in mid-April – bring on the cold! – is what I say (not that this is going to have much impact on the progress of global warming and the ever-earlier onset of spring)


  3. Maureen Sinclair
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 13:12:47

    Hi, Yes we are waiting for spring here in the Gaspe as well.We have lots of snow to melt. Can’t wait for the flowers to come up.We love watching the birds & fresh smell of spring.Keep up the great Blog Linda , I enjoy reading it, It lifts me up.Take care.


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