Flu sucks

I’ve been sick with the flu for 3 days now and it sucks.  I’m not used to being sick; not used to just sitting around until my “behind” gets numb; not used to having ‘sandwiches’ or toast for supper….for 3 days in a row; yup, having the flu sucks.  I can’t remember having the flu for about 16+ years, so I guess it was time to re-boost my immune system naturally.  While I’m sitting around unable to do too much on-the-move, I’m AM able to type this blog.  And I’m cranky too so don’t expect an uplifting moment from me today……..okay? (sheepishly said).

So while I’m down and out today, I’m going to get up on my soapbox just because I want to (and remember I’m miserable and crochetty too).  Let me qualify my situation right off the bat here:  I never have a flu shot.  I’ve researched the entire debate for years and I’ve decided that I’m better off without a flu shot.  Drug companies decide the year before which flu “types” to include in the next year’s vaccine.  I suppose they must do some terrific research or guessing which flu stain will become the most virulent a whole year into the future.  And so many times, I’ve heard ‘oh sorry, we didn’t include THAT strain that’s the most serious this year….oops, we guessed wrong’.    I’m not surprised with my decisions as I’ll admit that I’m biased in the first place and go on “high alert” for any ‘Authorities’ recommendation of routine immunizations like the annual flu shot or childhood immunizations.  It’s debatable whether routine immunizations are as effective as the public is led to believe.  For instance, other factors have historically come into play at the same time as the introduction of childhood immunizations, like antibiotics,  refrigeration, electricity, and clean drinking water.  I invite you to research before making any decisions about routine immunizations for you or your family.   AND there’s alot of money to be made by Pharmaceutical companies with that flu shot they’ve convinced the government to fund and your Doctor to recommend…….just saying.

‘Back in the day’, in 1975 when my first baby was born, I asked about the routine immunizations ‘demanded’ by my family doctor.  It was like I was practically insulting him to question him!  I admit that I did not immunize my first born at the usual tender age but rather later, after I had started him on solid foods.  Those days, babies were immunized against Diptheria, Polio, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Measles, Mumps, Rubella.  Today, in addition to these immunizations, the Government here also recommends Hepatitis B, Influenza, Varicella (chicken pox), Rotavirus,  Meningoccal Disease-group CHaemophilus Influenzae B (HIB), Pneumococcal disease, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) -for grade 8 girls.  Whew!  I feel sick again just THINKING about all this!  AND “because of changes in the influenza strains, adults also need an influenza shot each year. As well as a tetanus and diphtheria shot every 10 years throughout life, to be protected against these diseases” -so they say. *   I notice that they group certain immunizations together, like diptheria-polio-tetanus or measle, mumps, and rubella.  When we chose to immunize one of our sons against polio, we had to special order that vaccine BUT it was coupled with tetanus.  We were told that it was manufactured in this way only.  SO it seems that the manufacturers have a stranglehold on parental decisions too.

Diptheria!  I’ve never known anyone who had diptheria, have you?  Is it even common in our country?  In the United States, a country with ten times our population, there were only 3 cases of diptheria between 2000-2007.  But the Pharmaceutical industry is BIG business!  And they have lots of clout with decision-making governments who fund the immunization program.

When I was a child, it was pretty routine for every kid to get chicken pox. In fact, many parents had “chicken pox parties” to expose their children to the disease and get it over with.  I found having chicken pox  itchy but kinda cool laying on the couch for a couple of days.  I still have a few scars, but nothing that has affected my life.  In fact,  about 15 years ago, I developed Shingles (the “Chicken Pox” virus / Varicella-zoster virus) and actually ‘gave’ the chicken pox to my two youngest children!  -not on purpose, honest!

I also remember being vaccinated against Smallpox in the 1950s, something that is NOT done these days as the World Health Organization declared its eradication in 1979.

Some of my children have had various combinations of vaccinations while my two youngest have had none.  Upon school registration, the public health unit tried to intimidate and threaten me with misinformation to get me to immunize our children, unsuccessfully.  It was THEM who got informed!  And now there is an Immunizations Exemption form for parents to sign  saying ‘Conscious Objection’ rather than having to lie for “religious reasons” which used to be the only exemption other than medical.

One of my adult children, Marty, is a world traveller often going to Asian countries without further immunizations other than that polio-tetanus shot he had as a child.  It seems he has decided that this is the best decision for him.

Okay, well I think that it’s time for me to slowly get down off my “soapbox” and rest awhile…..maybe it’s not so bad having the flu after all.


Cheery Geranium blooming


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 12:40:03

    Always interesting to read Linda, Keep it up, & hope you feel better soon.
    Love ya: Maureen.


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