All Things Red

Since it’s Valentines Day, I’ve been thinking about all things that are red that I like.

The Red maple leaves in the fall are one of my favourites!  We have this large maple tree beside our garage which turns the most gorgeous bright red in the fall!  It’s really breathtaking….  Other maples on my property turn orange or yellow, but the red one is my favourite.

I also have an assortment of Japanese Maple trees which have a burgandy colour.  They look especially beautiful when the sun is shining on them and the leaves just pop with colour!

My Red sweet peppers that I grow in the summer are a sight to behold.  They are crisp and sweet and unlike any grocery store fodder.  Also grown in my garden, are the heirloom Brandywine tomatoes that I start from seed I’ve saved from the year before.  There is nothing like putting two slices of bread in the toaster then running down to the garden and picking a ripe, juicy tomato to make a toasted tomato sandwich!   That first tomato of the season is especially coveted.  My neighbour makes a delicious Bruschetta from their summer tomatoes, which is SO yummy.

In the spring, I have alot of tulips in my gardens that give me such pleasure, especially the red ones.  After a winter full of various shades of white,  it’s refreshing to see bright, vibrant colours in April.  Another garden favourite is Bee Balm or Monarda – I have a brilliant red variety which is the best:  I think my sister Faye gave me a clump to start.  I like to rub the leaves and just enjoy their scent which lingers on my fingers for hours.  I have many other shades of bee balm but red is my fave.

Red wing Blackbirds – I love that little red splash on their wings!  I look forward to hearing their

My "Cardinals" painting

song announcing that they are back and spring is here!  But during the winter, Cardinals give me immense pleasure to watch.  They are very shy birds, often showing up at dusk after all the other birds have gorged themselves all day long.  My last painting that I did in 2004 as a Christmas gift for my son Marty was of Cardinals at the birdfeeder.  I think it’s my favourite painting so far.

I have a pair of red wool socks that I love to wear when the weather is cold and I need extra “worksocks” in my boots.

My favourite axe has a red handle.  It used to be my late father-in-law’s and he painted all his tool handles red so that anyone who borrowed them would know who they belonged to!  Brilliant!!

I love spagetti sauce, lasagna, pizza and all other tomato red foods.  And red potatoes.  My late Uncle Lloyd from the east coast, once gave me a “blue potato” he called it – but it was actually purple.  He said that it was purple inside until you cooked it too….lol.  I didn`t cook any of these incredible potatoes that he gave me – instead I saved them until the next year and planted them to get even more!

I love looking out my back window and seeing the Red Buoy in the river.  It`s somehow comforting to see the same thing, day in and day out for over 30 years.  In the winter, it`s the only colour on the frozen, white River, while in the summer the red buoy signals that you are almost home when you`ve been  out in the canoe.   My kids all know the significance of the `red buoy` – from tying up the canoe to it and going swimming in the channel where there were no weeds, to our shock when Parks Canada moved it 25 feet to the west one year.

My friend Della gave me a container full of Red sour cherry candies one Christmas……I loved them!

Kristi & baby Marty

I loved my first son Robin`s curly,strawberry blond hair that he had when he was a toddler!  And so did all the strangers that used to come up to him and pet his head, much to his chagrin.  Baby Marty had a head full of auburn hair which set off his big eyes beautifully!   And my “Uncle Walter” used to call me ‘carrot-top’ – I guess he somehow saw red hair when the sun shone through my hair as a young girl……

The Red poinsettia that sits on our dining room table during Christmastime is always beautiful.  That pop of red colour in the house is very cheery.

Strawberries – I love strawberries!  I love walking along our roadway and spying a wild strawberry.  I also love to pick strawberries nearby while they are in season.  I have to admit that I think I eat the first one(s) I pick……to test it’s ripeness, you know…..I love the smell of the strawberry field too.  I remember as a child, at my grandparents, a truckload of us would go back to some field along an un-named lane, to pick potfulls of wild strawberries  – little tiny strawberries.  I think that we only had enough for a pie or two by the time we got back, after eating most of them……  I can’t say that I love cherry picking as much – We grew up near the fruit belt of Ontario and one summer my Dad took us cherry picking to earn some extra money.   You had to pick alot of cherries to earn a little money back then.

I love watching a sunrise over the river, when the sky is burning pinkish-red…..they say “red skies at morn, sailors be warn”, but I like them anyway…….even if it means that the atmospheric pressure is falling and we are in for some kind of precipitation.

Backyard Sunrise

The site of red coals in my cookstove on a cold winter’s morning is a real comforting site…..a few small pieces of wood, some more air flow and a hot fire takes off in minutes.

I don’t particularly like Valentines Day “propaganda” -just another money making scheme, especially for the flower and chocolate industries.  ~Gag~  Love should be shown 24/7, not just on one day a year.   I do like Red hearts however.

And I like ketchup.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 17:53:10

    Great as usual


  2. Fred Schueler
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 19:06:16

    or you could go with yellow – – though maybe not at this time of year.


  3. Betty
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 20:13:37

    So much fun to read your posts!!… I TRULY love them….and YOU!!!…xo


  4. Caroline
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 10:38:01

    Wow ! That painting is really good Linda!


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