This CRAZY Weather!

I’ve lived in Canada my entire life so I have seen alot of weather over the years.  I heard last night that Environment Canada has ‘revised’ it’s forcast for this winter and they’ve decided it’s going to be milder in my area this winter.  What does that MEAN?

January 2012 was an odd month :  we had freezing rain every week followed by abit of snow the next day….every single week, over and over again!   I don’t remember that much freezing rain since the 1998 Ice Storm.  And it seemed more overcast than usual too – fewer bright, sunny winter days.  Mornings @ 7 a.m. walking the dog have been mild by winter standards:   most times it’s a balmy -10C or “warmer” with few -20C mornings and only one -30C+.  I’m not complaining, really!

In my very first ever Grammomsblog post, My World, on December 5th, 2011, I related that it was “raining and 8 degrees (C) …..and it’s December!”.   I had barely used any firewood.

The storms last summer seemed more intense than usual.  When it rained, it pounded rain with lightening, thunder, and hurricane-like winds causing alot of damage to trees.   I suppose they paled in comparison to the devastation that I saw in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC a few years ago.

Fallen branches miss Apple Tree

But, I still lost 5 large trees on my property alone and many other neighbours saw decades old trees split or blow over in the storms.  The first storm brought down a tree that missed my solar hot water panels mounted on my woodshed roof,  by mere inches;  another storm less than a week later, snapped a tree in half which landed on my clothesline; later in the month, another tree fell onto the hydro line at my house during the Stanley Cup Playoffs;   and other ‘tree-victim’s’ limbs barely missed my apple trees.  Oh well, there’s more sunlight getting through now and we have a good supply of firewood.  And on one hand, my rain barrels were never empty last summer and often overflowed.

In 2008, we had the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen since I lived here.  I remember quite clearly because it was March 8th, the day of my late husband’s memorial service at our home.

2008 Huge Snowbanks

Flights were cancelled at the Ottawa airport and some roads were closed.  Our neighbour, Randy, plowed the roads as far as the highway with his own vehicle, so people could make it down to our place and park, as we didn’t see a snowplow for a few days.   When all that snow melted in the spring, we had another ‘100 year flood’ from the Rideau River -the second since 1974 – which came up our backyard from the river within 40 feet of the house.  My children canoed in our backyard!

Canoeing in flooded backyard 2008

A post about the crazy weather would not be complete if I didn’t mention the Ice Storm of 1998.  For 5 days straight, it freezing rained, and  EVERYTHING was coated with a thick layer of ice.  Many thousands of people in Eastern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec were without electricity for weeks.  It took us 2 weeks of working 8 am -4 pm in the spring to clean up the broken trees in our yard.

When I was growing up in Hamilton in the ’50s, severe weather storms was few and far between.  We had cold days when my Dad would flood our ice rink and enough snow for us kids to make snow-forts.  I recall a big storm in ’72 when we had a few feet (nearly a meter) of snow and we were shovelling for days.  I spoke to my sister Faye today and she said that the grass in Hamilton  is Green!

It seems that everybody in Canada talks about the weather…..Facebook ‘friends’ often report their local weather conditions …….The Weather Network often has ‘Storm Watch’ across the country…..and of course schoolchildren everywhere look forward to “snow days” when their schoolbuses are cancelled.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Sinclair
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 13:19:57

    Our winter is cold, & snowy so far. Of course not like the winters like we use to have when I was growing up.Our son Rod, Loves winter storms, That’s the time he would love to go out in them & play.We really can’t complain, It could be alot worse.I’d rather have snow than freezing rain anytime.Your blog is so nice to read, I enjoy it very much.


  2. Maureen Sinclair
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 16:08:24

    That is so true, I remember at My mother’s place , someone would have to climb out a window to shovel the door out so we could get out, Good old days.


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