I Love Wood Heat

My firewood

I love heating with wood.  Today it’s 10 degrees @ suppertime (no kidding, in the cold, “white” north!) and I just came inside with a box of wood for my cookstove for tomorrow….

I’ve been heating my home with wood for over 30 years now.  I guess these days you could say that I have a “hybrid” heating system:  I have my beloved Heartland “Sweetheart” cookstove in the diningroom/kitchen which Chris bought me in 1998  (after the ice storm to replace an older woodstove).  It’s the best wood stove I ever had:  it’s easy to light, add wood, can hold a burn all night long, and I’m never plagued with downdrafts.  And I cook and bake in it all winter long.   I just LOVE it!  It’s  like the stove our Grandparents had, but it’s only made today to meet all the new woodstove  specifications.  My second wood stove is a Pellet Stove which we installed downstairs in 2006 to replace a very small woodstove.  I have alot of mixed feelings about the pellet stove:  it’s very eco-friendly because it utilizes hardwood sawdust that would otherwise have gone to waste, energy efficient,  has low emissions,  BUT  it runs on electricity:  an auger motor and an exhaust fan, which invade my auditory space.  However it IS convenient – Melvin carries down the 40 lbs bags for me and can fire it up anytime by simply pressing the ON button.  The kids complain that it’s too noisy and not as warm as the old little woodstove……which is still in the garage, just in case.  Then there’s the original oil furnace that came with the house.  One time it took us 3 1/2 years to burn a tank of oil.  It IS helpful to keep the house from freezing if we are ever away or  I get deathly ill…. I would say we use it 10% of the time.   Outside we have two wood fire places:  the Chimnea up near the house and the bonfire pit down by the river.  We’ve had many a good time over the years around the bonfire:  neighbourhood parties, Kristi and Mike’s wedding, guitar playing and singing, fishing @ the fire, etc.

Oh I know all the facts…..BTUs, seasoned hardwood, chimney fires…..but the real fact is I LOVE wood heat – that warm radiant heat which finds it’s way through the house and gives it and US a big warm hug.  I love chopping firewood too.  My firewood guy doesn’t cut it into cookstove size “sticks” for me; no sir-ee, no woosy size pieces of firewood for this gal – I want to chop my wood into the size pieces that I need for the coming day.  My woodshed can hold 10 cords with room to split and is thankfully attached to the back of our attached garage.  I have 5 axes plus a maul which surprisingly has become my favourite tool…

My firewood comes from down the road – I have a great firewood guy who delivers seasoned hardwood for me in the spring when I want it (I like to let it “cook” in the sun all summer long before we move it into the woodshed).  My pellets come from a hardwood floor manufacturer about 50 or so miles away.  My bonfire wood comes from our own property usually.  I guess you could say I’m on a 100 mile Wood Heat “diet”….  did I mention I LOVE heating with wood?



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robin (@rmellway)
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 13:40:54

    “I have 5 axes plus a maul” – you’re an awesome mom!


  2. Debbie mellway
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 08:20:29

    Linda, you’re a woman I look up to……keep it up. I look forward to seeing you when we get to town.


  3. Maureen Sinclair
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 20:52:00

    Maureen Sinclair
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 17:12:44 [Edit]

    Nothing like woodheat, We have it in our home too, It’s alot of work , but you can’t beat the warmth it gives, So cozy when the power goes out & our old coal oil lamp. ., kettle boiling on the stove. I do cook in my oven as well, It tastes so much better, ‘
    Love: MO
    (Comment Moved from O Christmas Tree)


  4. onestrangelifeblog
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 19:13:38

    Can’t wait till I get to heat with wood, nice post.


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